Geländegame Goldenes Kalb

Gespeichert von Annina am Sa., 31.08.2019 - 20:09

Ort: im Wald

Dauer: 1 bis 1.5 Stunden


Game Overview

Story: Moses has left us and gone to Mount Sinai to talk to God. The Israelites grow impatient when he doesn't return for a long time. They decide to melt a golden calf that they can worship. All the tribes are told to bring all the gold to Aaron.

Gameplay: For safety reasons, the tribes keep their gold frozen in ice. To melt it, first and foremost, you need a fire. The necessary material must be earned by collecting gold peas. But firing is only allowed with a license. A tribe receives this as soon as it has at least one of each of the five items. Then you can start melting ice. Once all the Schoggi coins are freed from the ice, they must bring them to Aaron, who will make a Schoggi fondue out of them. In return, each tribe will receive materials to make a golden calf.

Grouping with animal voices




Phase I

Objective: gather materials for a fire. Once all materials are in place, the tribe earns a license to fire and may move on to the next phase.

  • Each tribe is assigned a fire site.
  • In the center of the game area is a cardboard box with face-down cards taped to it. Behind each one hides either an object that the tribes need for firing (matches, kindling cubes, newspaper, cooking pot, wood). For three gold peas you can turn over a card. But there are also empty cards or cards with a question mark
  • Quiz: If there is a question mark, the children are allowed to go to a quiz station. If they answer the question correctly, they get to take an item of their choice.
  • Finding gold: The gold peas (golden spray-painted chickpeas) are hidden in a staked area in the forest. A maximum of three gold peas may be carried at one time.
  • Swap: All players wear a hat. If you take an opposing player's hat, the items are swapped.
  • Phase II Once a group has earned the license to fire, they may start a fire. Gold may still be sought and needed materials purchased. Once all the chocolate coins are melted from the ice, they must take them to Aaron.

    Phase III Aaron is at a separate fire pit. There, the Schoggi coins go into a tin for Schoggi fondue. In return, the tribes get materials (1 cardboard box, 8 toilet rolls, painter's tape, gold spray) and the assignment to make a golden calf.

    Criteria Golden Calf: eyes, 4 legs, tongue, horns, tail

    Conclusion: Moses comes down from the mountain, breaks the salt dough law tablets in anger, and burns the golden calves.