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Ein Kissen in Herzform mit Fellstoff herstellen

Das Kissen passt z.B. zu den Themen: Liebe (Gott liebt dich), Freundschaft (z.B. zur Geschichte von David und Jonathan)


  • Cardboard heart stencil
  • Fur fabric
  • tear-resistant sewing thread in the color of the fabric
  • Sewing needle
  • Scissors (preferably a pair of cloth scissors)
  • Felt-tip pen (or pen to mark fabric)
  • Pins
  • Cotton wool


  • Make a heart-shaped template out of cardboard
  • For younger children, transfer the template onto the fabric and cut it out twice


Place the heart template on the wrong side of the fabric and trace it with a pen (2x)


Cut out hearts


Place the hearts right side to right side exactly on top of each other and pin them in place


Sew the heart together with the finest possible overcasting stitches (leave about four fingers open at the end)


Turn the heart inside out


Fill the heart with cotton wool


Close the opening with a mattress stitch / ladder stitch and reinforce it well


  • For younger children, use a felt pen to mark where they should place the stitches on the heart (so that the stitches are all about the same length)


  • Photos: Jungschar Henggart