Village game: Spies in Jericho

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An entertaining village game in which the young scouts are sent to Jericho to solve tricky puzzles and gather important information about the city and its inhabitants.

Framework History

Joshua 2:1: And Joshua the son of Nun sent out secretly from Sittim two men as spies, saying, Go, see the land, and Jericho in particular!

Joshua divides young spies into groups and sends them to Jericho with the mission of gathering information about the fortification of the city, its inhabitants, and food. In the process, the spies are to keep as low a profile as possible.


Each group is given a sheet with questions about the city of Jericho. The goal is to gather this information as quickly as possible and bring it back to Joshua.

  • Who lives in the palace of Jericho? The king of Jericho
  • How many inhabitants does Jericho have? about 2600
  • How thick is the wall of Jericho?3 meters
  • What is the wall of Jericho made of? Stone retaining wall and red mud bricks on top
  • What do the people of Jericho eat? Dates
  • What animals do the people of Jericho keep? Sheep
  • At what sea level is Jericho? 250 meters below sea level (lowest city in the world)

Each group will be handed the required material and a clue for the first post. Of course, all groups start at a different place, so that all really have to puzzle.

Materials to give: five-rappers, scribe, walky-talky, money for Zvieri, questionnaire, Güfeli

On the way, the Jungschärler then meet on the one hand the answers they are looking for and on the other hand clues for the next post in each case. Sometimes the information is encoded, sometimes not.

Quite importantly, Joshua aka game leader keeps track of which group is completing the posts and in what order. This way, this leader will be able to help in case of problems (cf. special game elements).


  • Warning about the guards present everywhere (hide suspicious material well).
  • It is not allowed for two groups to enter a store at the same time.
  • The groups are not allowed to talk to each other!
  • Look very carefully at everything you get your hands on
  • Talking to Jericho residents is allowed - but only very inconspicuously!

Special game elements

Joker: Via Walky-Talky, the spies can contact Joshua. But they are only allowed to do so 3 times during the whole game.

Guards: Two leaders are around the village and ask awkward questions from time to time. They also conduct searches. In addition, they treat themselves every now and then a date.

The posts

Here is an overview of possible posts.

  • Business card with address: Get newspaper that is in the mailbox there and read it carefully!!! 
  • Newspaper with article about building a new palace in a mailbox (Jericho has about twice the population of XY village. The queen celebrates her birthday on February 8. Therefore, he will hang red balloons outside his palace containing secret messages.)

  • Balloon with puzzle pieces: estimate the width of the garden gate, this is equal to the thickness of the city wall of Jerusalem.

  • Poster"Ds Füfi oder ds Weggli" Spying makes you hungry. Go to the counter in the Volg and say you to the Jungschi XY buy a Weggli.

  • TicketBuy some Schoggi in the Landi (not in the Volg!) and tell the saleswoman that you belong to the Jungschi Linge. Find a cozy place for the Zvieripause. Ä Guete!

  • Message baked into a Weggli: Watch the Watchers to find out what the people of Jericho are eating.

  • In the paper of a Sugus (given to the children in the Landi): Get the next clue at address XY.

  • At address XY, the young sharers receive a letter, in which is described a place where sheep graze.

  • Message on the Fence: (poem with reference to church)

    One row behind the other,

    In the middle is an aisle,

    we will now move forward,

    the sixth left contains the plan.

  • Info sheet in the church 6th row from the back, left

  • Paper flyers down from the gallery: Guards are after you. Go back to KGH immediately and meet up with the other spies there.

Game Evaluation

Josua quizzes the spies. Each group corrects their own sheet.

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