The well-known "sink ships" as an active game for indoors or outdoors.

The classic rope pull, with various possible modifications


Pick your haymaker to the finish

This quarter game is a great fun for both Jungschärler and Ameisli. You can play it outside in the quarter of the church or in case of emergency also inside. 

In terms of time, we are two years after Jesus was born, shortly before Joseph, Mary and Jesus flew to Egypt. It is assumed that Jesus was around two years old at this point in time.

Procedure of the game: The young sharers are given the task (e.g. Wanted poster as an introduction) to look for the lost sheep. They then go from post to post until they find the sheep. At each post there is a leader in disguise. The children are each given a clue as to where the next post is and how to deal with this person so that they give information. If the set criteria are not met, the leader does not give information!  

Generally, the more leaders, the better. The listed variation can be expanded depending on the time budget and leaders present.

At the end, a big party can be celebrated!:)


Attachment: Game idea detailed & Wanted poster

After Moses was found by Pharaoh's daughter, his family was allowed to take care of him while he was still a baby. To take care of a small child you have to know and be able to do a lot of things. The groups of about 3 children demonstrate their skills at different posts. One group at a time is at one post. One group wins per post, the overall winning group receives a certificate per person.

A variation of British Bulldog.

In this night terrain game, players are on a quest to find a secret agent. This agent is in possession of a very important briefcase. Will you find out the necessary information to lure him out of his hiding place?



A kind of rugby where not physical strength is needed but speed.


Which group manages to get their flag out of their opponent's field and into their own? This is a movement-intensive terrain game that needs almost no preparation.

A game in which you can experience experiential communication disorder.

This terrain game is usually played in larger cities. With the help of sporadic clues to the whereabouts of the unknown "Mister X", he is pursued by several groups with the aim of identifying and capturing him. The game is based on the board game "Scotland Yard"

In the game "The king wishes..." two groups fight for the king's favour. It's all about reaction, speed and a bit of luck. Action and fun is certainly present in this game!




The goal of the game is to transport as many letters as possible into his depot, in order to finally be able to lay as good words as possible.