For anniversary and inauguration celebrations, it's good to have sponsorship competitions.

Make miniature match-powered rockets with just a few household items!

5against5 known as a TV show (family quiz) is suitable as a quiz game in the afternoon or as an evening show on the occasion of an anniversary or parents' evening. The preparation for it is time-consuming, especially if the questions are created by yourself.


For publicity locally, regionally or nationally of the teen group in church, at crusade, at graduation

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This article grew out of a desire to keep finding new ways of proclaiming the Good News.


The experiments listed are to be performed only by persons experienced in experimenting with chemical substances, exercising the greatest care, and adhering to all safety regulations.


Big Game Event

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for detailed description

A week in which young and old, mothers and fathers, Kids Treff and Jungschar successfully pull together. 


Crafting a hot air balloon is not difficult

Here's the more challenging version to try

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