Wax seals add a beautiful detail to Jungscharname baptismal certificates, letters and scrolls that impress. The engraving can be related to the camp, semester, or even afternoon theme, or can be generally appropriate to the Jungschar.

Make fun pencil ornaments with pipe cleaners

On various topics, costume contests can be made with the children. The disguises are made from everyday materials such as newspaper and tape.

Possible themes: Kings (e.g., on the story of David, Solomon).

Make a heart-shaped card holder out of wire. The card holder fits e.g. love (God loves you), friendship (e.g. story of David and Jonathan) or is suitable as a present for Mother's Day.

The giant dinosaur from the ice

Craft/build something completely different for once!

A custom stool, very private one for each teen

- The maze is a toy to fill dead time

- or for a group competition

- and a useful craft


... is fun to make

and fun to play with

Here you will find a tutorial on how to make a simple bubble device yourself. This can be used for competitions, as it is possible to make long bubble snakes (more than 1m long).

Make miniature match-powered rockets with just a few household items!

Rodeo on spring-loaded wooden buck with saddle for teen group occasions in the village / neighbourhood

The teens create their own newspaper. The newspaper is supposed to be their mouthpiece, which comes (as much as possible) uncensored to the public.

Teenies can participate in a self-chosen interest group for a certain period of time. They work actively and propose project topics themselves, e.g. foreign cooking

If you want to make a movie with a group of teens over a long period of time, you can use the script you already have or opt for your own book or story.


For publicity locally, regionally or nationally of the teen group in church, at crusade, at graduation

See also Create article video

Encourage the teens' existing creativity and let it come to fruition by planning, designing and realising a joint project. It is possible and makes sense to let the teens themselves work out the type and execution of a project in the competition. The joint realization of the project should lead to a sense of achievement, which encourages more creative activities (project can be combined with public relations!)

"A good picture is worth a thousand words; a bad one needs a thousand words to explain it." With good photos, you have a lot of options. Here are some ideas:

Suggestions for group games of the teen club ELK Bauma

Max the gymnast moves while turning the crank and performs his little tricks. It does not matter to Max whether he moves forward or backward, fast or slow.

Steve the parrot is happy with every turn more, but before Steve can fly off he must be wound up once released he works like a big flywheel. Depending on the length of the thread and the thickness of the paper, it can even fly for quite a while

Two players face each other and play the ball to each other. The ball must be hit about in the middle of the fabric, when the ball comes the two timbers are pulled apart and the ball flies back.

This game is played with flower sprayers or water atomizers. The goal is to get the ping pong ball into the goal of the opponent with the water pressure from the bottle.

This poinsettia is bast from tree branches. He is easy to build and looks besondern as a star to Christmas lights decoration great. If this star is tinkered with small children should be especially careful when cutting the branches and when gluing with the hot glue gun so that the children do not hurt themselves. 

Build a small, simple, inexpensive boat with kids that actually floats? No problem, with this pet bottle boat.

With the compressed air in the balloon, these boats swim fast and quite a long distance. Try different hoses, tubes, woods, balloons and tapers (narrowing at the air outlet) and see with which setting you get the farthest.

This book holder is guaranteed to catch the eye and is also very practical and inexpensive, because it prevents the books from falling over.

This boat moves forward in the water with the energy stored in the rubber by turning the paddle wheel backwards. It can be experimented with different amounts and thicknesses of rubber until the best result is achieved.

Making your own Advent chain to count down till Christmas.

An idea find on

Here you'll find a pair of suggestions for setting up a wall in, say, a Nehemiah camp.

A fun game to play during breaks.

Brittle is a sweet that is essentially caramelized sugar and almond flakes.