Plan and organize

A devotional concept for a semester with 9 afternoons.

It deals with 9 important stations / miracles / experiences from the life of Jesus.

For anniversary and inauguration celebrations, it's good to have sponsorship competitions.


End of Year Celebration - Teen Club End of Year Party

To welcome the new teens to the teen club we have a party!

- Competitive game conducted as a feast to get to know each other

- and as a conclusion there is a feast!

Suspenseful competition and devotion on the theme of Psalms.

Competition for 3 groups of teenagers with picture puzzles, pantomime, collages.

Planning is a chore, especially for very creative people. But even that can be done graphically and thus creatively.

The tidying up of the tents causes trouble for many leaders. Here are a few tips on how to tidy up and inventory lists for the most common group tents

This workshop was prepared by me in the context of a camp (Steven feature film - the secret of the red thread) of Bibellesebund. It covers the topic of film from the basic idea to the production and post-production

What do we mean by a project?

Project programs aim to meet the needs and interests of teenagers, or simply to pursue certain pursuits over a longer period of time, where active participation / design is required. 

We organize a soapbox race with as little effort as possible. This can spur the teens and kids to build their own soapboxes.

Over the course of the year there are many dates for parents, children and leaders. These are often linked to school holidays and other church events. So it is worthwhile to keep the overview with a simple representation. 

In many churches and congregations, children have to move to other age groups. It can happen that this becomes a problem. Why this is so and what can be done about it, this article wants to give information about.

To ensure safety and a pleasant coexistence in a camp, it needs rules. Here are the most important ones

Whether we like it or not, children love an occasion where they can live relationships and have fun. How can we create a child-friendly environment? 

If you are a large team in which it often happens that individuals are absent from meetings, it is practical if a protocol is written for the meeting. In it all important information of the meeting are summarized. The protocol is sent after the meeting by mail to the entire team, or uploaded to a common platform such as Dropbox or Google Drive

An excel file listing most of the technical terms in the "youngstars" section, to be used as a basis for translations.

Tackling the session and so his team and the work in the name of God is what the author advocates.

Here you'll find a pair of suggestions for setting up a wall in, say, a Nehemiah camp.

Here are a few suggestions for what to take for content at Jungscharn afternoons if you have the quarterly theme mission.

One semester is done and the next quarter is starting. But with which topic?

Here are a few suggestions.

Here are a few ideas and tips for writing articles.

Achja: As with every other article on the YoungstarsWiki: Additions are welcome!

This article is about how you can raise money for your work.

In this article, you'll find some tips to make sure shopping for craft supplies doesn't break your budget

In this article you will find two lists. The basic list contains the components that are on the packing list for (almost) every camp

The management cycle is a guideline for rational action. This usually leads to solid results in the medium to long term in all areas of children and youth work.

The management cycle is a guideline for rational action

A collection of good ideas for JS afternoons that don't belong to any particular quarterly theme.

A relatively large amount of money can be saved in certain areas with little effort at Jungschar camps. This article is a collection of tips on how to keep the financial expenditure as small as possible

The timetable contains in detail all the points that need to be clarified and distributed in advance during a camp preparation.

The template has been used for two camps so far (Regiolager 2006 in Trun and Sola 2011 in DE).

Risk management is a systematic process for "identifying and assessing risks, and managing responses to identified risks" (Wikipedia). The aim is to ensure a high level of safety for your volunteers and leaders at all Jungschar events.

Risk management is a systematic process for assessing risks and managing responses to them (Wikipedia).

Project management is concerned with planning, managing and controlling one-off, large-scale, time-limited operations (known as projects).

Invitations contain the necessary information about your events, such as meeting place and time. They serve on the one hand to inform your youth about upcoming events and on the other hand as a simple means to invite outsiders.

Youth and Sport is an organization in Switzerland that supports Swiss sports and youth clubs in their work