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A book summary of the book "Robin Hood" by Howard Pyle.

Each of the 15 chapters briefly summarized in key words.

The summary can be a help, for example, to the storyline / the in a Robin Hood Sola

Fancy a weekly game among the kids at camp?

Why is there suddenly a chair wrapped in toilet paper in the dining hall? Zorro and his sidekick have been up to their shenanigans all week without getting caught. Who saw him? Is there any suspicion?

The Zorro week game has already proven itself many times in our Jungschi and the kids are always very happy to participate. At the beginning of the camp, each child receives a lottery ticket. Among many citizens there is also a Zorro (in large groups possibly two Zorros). This one gets various tasks, which he has to do unnoticed with the help of his helper sometime during this camp week.

Citizens are naturally vigilant and can report their suspicions to the game master or to the suspicion list. However, to avoid simply guessing, the suspicion must be substantiated and a false suspicion may result in a small penalty.

Do the citizens manage to blow the whistle on Zorro and/or his sidekick, or does Zorro manage to perform all his duties unnoticed?

Ideas for a varied experience program for the Exodus from Egypt.

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