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A catching game that was developed in a BESJ leadership course. Fits thematically to biblical stories where people are in prison (e.g. Peter, Paul)

Viking Olympics

In the document below you will find a fun and entertaining sports block - a real Viking Olympics.
Have fun trying it out and customizing it:) 

An entertaining village game in which the young scouts are sent to Jericho to solve tricky puzzles and gather important information about the city and its inhabitants.

A game to reinforce the 1st commandment.

Two groups must expand their territory with "gods". The group with the most points wins.

Bible passages: 

  • Matthew 13:24-30
  • Matthew 13:36-43


  • Evangelism
  • who bears fruit?
  • Bringing light into the world
  • Jesus` Second Coming


Folge dem Seil. Jeweils der Anfangsbuchstabe des Knotens oder der Antwort auf die Frage führt dich zum nächsten Passwort. Aber Achtung: Das Passwort ist zusätzlich mit der Cäsarverschlüsselung um 8 verschlüsselt.

A great way to act out Bible stories or other stories in a devotional is with Playmobil.

In this article I give you some tips and ideas.