A great little bag for devotions on a wide variety of topics.

You can also attach a hidden message that appears when you open the clothespin.

Make miniature match-powered rockets with just a few household items!

This workshop was prepared by me in the context of a camp (Steven feature film - the secret of the red thread) of Bibellesebund. It covers the topic of film from the basic idea to the production and post-production

You must not believe everything that Hollywood and Co presents to us. In film, a wide variety of tricks are used. One of the most common we find in the so-called green or blue screen technique

Teens create one or more circus shows

Individual stickers are always a real eye-catcher. They form a perfect advertising space, can be information carriers, to mark objects or simply used for decoration. Either you print your own stickers at home or look on the Internet for printing companies where you can design your own stickers.

How can I take good photos? This article has some tips on how to do that.

Taking photos is easier than shooting movies.