Building an improvised bivouac without talking to each other is a real challenge.

But the results are impressive.

Theatre for 9 girls


A play on the theme: light and darkness

Juggling is a physically and mentally relaxing activity

The story of Noah's Ark is told in this theatre from the point of view of the animals. They have to decide if they want to believe Noah and the promises of God and go on the ark, or they stay on earth like the other spotters. For them the decision has far-reaching consequences, once they are on the ark there is no going back. At the same time, each animal has its own character traits and a different opinion about the ark.

The drama has a lot to do with trust and faith in God's promises. It is meant to bridge to our own faith lives. Do we trust God 100%? Are we already on the ark or are we about to be?

The play is written in beautiful Bärndütsch and is peppered with numerous little gags. It was written for a Pfila, so it is also expandable.... ;)

If you want to make a movie with a group of teens over a long period of time, you can use the script you already have or opt for your own book or story.

Locally, regionally, or nationally, create teen group performances at church, crusade, graduation party

Plaster masks can be used for a theater or as decoration. Here you can learn how to create them.

A Christmas theatre about the joy of life, time and love

A scroll, was used before there were books, newspapers or a PC. Many children do not know what a scroll looked like or how it was used. During the devotion this scroll can be unrolled and read out. Afterwards, each child can make such a scroll and for each new story there is a new picture in each hour, until the story, for example, of Joseph is finished.

Present a recorded situation.