Light and darkness

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A play on the theme: light and darkness


Because the play was well received when it was performed, it should not be withheld from other teen leaders.

Now I will give you an insight into the life of Harald K, from P. Harald K is an ordinary person, as far as you can say that about any person at all. He lives in P., a town somewhere in our country.

Please close your eyes for a moment now. (The light is extinguished and the room darkened. Harald sits on the floor or paces back and forth)

Now please open your eyes. You are seeing, if anything, the life of Harald. He tried to make the best of his life. He always wanted to have the big picture and be a successful person. But over the years his life has become darker and darker. There were the daily lies, the cheating in his job or the small mood-related unkindnesses towards his fellow men. In the meantime Harald K. sits in the dark. He tries to live with the darkness, as almost all people around him do. He is unhappy. (Harald picks up a newspaper). Harald K. places an ad in the newspaper: Help I don't want to sit in the dark anymore!

(A person enters)One day a psychotherapist comes along the way and says to Harald: "You must find your light from within. Your power lies in mastering your urges. Look within yourself."

(Harald sits down on the floor and takes a blanket to cover himself with) Harald K. looks inside himself. But what does he see there? Again, only darkness. He sees the things that take the light out of his life: Hatred, envy, quarrelsomeness.

He realizes he needs a source of light, for he cannot get out of his darkness alone. (Harald throws the blanket away and looks for something, picks up the newspaper. Harald sees the newspaper and reads an advertisement: Self-confidence is the way to success! With a little practice and persistence, self-confidence is quickly found.

(He tries to light a lighter, finally it works.)Now he has light. He sees things again that he didn't see before, and only with a little confidence. Namely, he sees himself. But that's as far as the light goes. But Harald also wants to see the people who are around him.

(Harald puts out the lighter again. Someone else enters.) A humanist comes to Harald K.: You must look at other people. Find an ideal image and become like that. See what other people are doing. (Harald reaches for the flashlight.) Uh-huh. Now Harald sees a lot more. He sees the people who live in his environment. They are rich people who have made it. Harald tries to illuminate himself with this light. For what is good for some, it cannot be harmful for him after all.

(He holds the torch upon him.)But it is rather poor. Was the light supposed to be too dim? Harald looks at the price tag on the lamp. I see. The light is too cheap. You don't want a five-euro-eighty light in the upper ten thousand "enlightened". So the whole thing again, but one price bracket higher.

(He takes out a large flashlight or spotlight.)With this bright light, I think it will succeed. Looking at the people now ...

(He shines the light into the audience.)Yeah, but wait a minute. Why is everyone turning away from me?

(Continues to shine his light around the audience.)Well, they're all much poorer than I am. (After a pause.) Got it! (He makes an aha motion with his finger.) Modern is out. Back to nature.

(He lights a candle.)No atom, just nature. Surely that alone must be enough to be enlightened, for in nature lies power.

(Suddenly an overhead projector comes on.)On the wall it says: Knowledge is power. The explored world brings light to the future. That's why: future-oriented research.

Great! Sure. When I know everything, then I'll be enlightened. (Harald proudly strides to the projector, picks up some books and starts studying. After a long pause:) All knowledge is mine. Now I show to all men, the light of science.

(Boldly, he moves to another corner of the room.)Wait a minute. It's not as bright here as it is back there. What's the point? After all, I know everything. Don't I?

(The projector goes off.)Is there no one to lead me out of this darkness?

Where is that damned light?!

(A calm voice:)You shall not curse.What, who on earth are you? My name is Jesus. Jesus Christ.

Saint Mary. You're the guy from church. The one who lives up there with God. What are you doing here? You guys in heaven have enough light, don't you? Why are you here in this darkness? I'm here because I have the light you seek. I want to bring you out of this darkness.

Now listen to me. I've slaved, I've plodded, I've crammed. But never have I found the light that illuminates and illuminates my life. But what the hell, you gotta get your chance too. What do I have to do to get that light?

Trust me. For: I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me has the light that leads to life and will no longer be in the dark. (John 8:12)

You mean I should just trust you without doing anything about it? You mean you're going to give me the light? (Pause) The proof of the pudding is in the eating.

(Harald in prayerful posture)Maybe this is my last chance. Jesus Christ. I want to trust you. Help me to come out of the darkness of my life. Give me the light that will set me free from my fear and guilt.(The text from Ephesians 5:1-20 can be read to match this)


The play is read aloud by a narrator who is also Harald's voice. So the player portraying Harald only needs to pantomime what is read. The voice of the psychotherapist or the humanist can either be done by the narrator or by two other players. The same applies to the voice of Jesus

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