A book summary of the book "The Smuggler of God" by Brother Andrew.

The whole text has been summarized and individual sections that are particularly important have been highlighted.

We have conducted a pirate camp in the Cevi in 2022. Led by the pirate legend Anne Bonny, who with us restored a ship and then went on a treasure hunt.

A book summary of the book "Robin Hood" by Howard Pyle.

Each of the 15 chapters is briefly summarized in key words.

The summary can be a help e.g. to develop the storyline for a Robin Hood SoLa.

Ideas for a varied experience program for the Exodus from Egypt.

Why not play with unfamiliar play equipment for once?

Scrabble is a well-known parlour game that can also be expanded with several variants, give it a try!



Always think of bad weather when making camp preparations!

For once something completely different is an Olympiad that is performed blindfolded - a totally new experience!

Have you ever baked a BIBLE CUP? Give it a try!

You never have enough games, so: here are more games!!

A fun camp evening wants to be well prepared. That's why here are some games.

The three cantons of Uri, Schwyz and Nidwalden each form a game group. The game is played according to the official rules (Swiss edition)

Many many games in 2 groups, in chair circle

Offtmals the money in the Jungschar is limited. However, this should not stand in the way of a cool program. Therefore, here are a few shops where you can get the respective material cheapest.

The tidying up of the tents causes trouble for many leaders. Here are a few tips on how to tidy up and inventory lists for the most common group tents

Rodeo on spring-loaded wooden buck with saddle for teen group occasions in the village / neighbourhood

Take charge of and conduct worship with the entire teen group from A-Z.

Each teen and leader is involved and put to work according to their gifts.

To ensure safety and a pleasant coexistence in a camp, it needs rules. Here are the most important ones

What all belongs in a camp booklet, you learn here.

A children's week on the theme of "time travel"

Here you'll find a pair of suggestions for setting up a wall in, say, a Nehemiah camp.

It is not at all easy to find a theme for the camp, for the Bible nowhere tells of ice and snow.

The night's rest is a much discussed topic in most camps. Here are some basic thoughts and experiences about it. You have had other experiences? Then feel free to add to this article!

In this article you will find two lists. The basic list contains the components that are on the packing list for (almost) every camp

Homesickness happens to children every now and then, especially during extended camps in tents or houses. Sometimes it's hardly an issue, sometimes homesickness spreads like an epidemic.

In this article, you'll learn how homesickness develops, how to reduce the likelihood of it happening in the first place, and what to do when a child is homesick.

A relatively large amount of money can be saved in certain areas with little effort at Jungschar camps. This article is a collection of tips on how to keep the financial expenditure as small as possible

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