Port Royal (Pirate Summer Camp)

Submitted by pemko123 on Mon, 31.10.2022 - 11:16

We have conducted a pirate camp in the Cevi in 2022. Led by the pirate legend Anne Bonny, who with us restored a ship and then went on a treasure hunt.

The children were all recruited in advance as sailors for the crew of Anne Bonny. Because Anne Bonny has finally found a ship which she wants to bring in shot so that she can finally put to sea. Because, as is often the case, treasure lurks everywhere. So the children had not only to assemble the ship but also to make it seaworthy. For this they had a sports training and also combat training.

In the attachment you will find the Picasso, as well as all the blocks and the theater. Have fun with it. If you need costumes, just contact the Cevi Steinmaur-Neerach-Stadel, we have enough incl. anchor, pirate hut etc.

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