Alternative forms of YS

  • Hiking and sleeping on straw
  • Excursion to the waterfall and discovery of a ruin
  • etc.

For a long time, the church of F. has regularly held interesting meetings for the family members of the youth and teenagers. Everyone is invited - "family" is not seen so much genetically as "spiritually". Everyone is invited to be part of the "family of God". Here even singles, grandmas, neighbor kids, single mothers .... feel comfortable. The meetings are organized by families or small teams from the community. The focus is not on perfect organisation, not on a stylish programme, but on fellowship, games, fun, conversations, spontaneity, mutual service, encouragement and sharing.


New, Effective Ways in Community Building

1. Family as part of the creation order

2. Happy families form the best foundation of any social order

3. Families - Temples of God

4. Family as a shelter against the destructive, anti-human decay

5. Families helping families - social networks

6. Winning whole families for the kingdom of God

7. Families experience joy(s) - imagination - peace

8. ... before it's too late


The demographic development in Europe leads to a steadily growing proportion of children and young people with a migration background. Their integration is a fundamental challenge for the youth groups.

Are our offers still customer-oriented? Do they still meet the needs of our time? These are questions that we have to ask ourselves again and again, if we do not want to lose the status and thus the children in our society.

Playing Human Soccer with Asterix and Obelix.

Celebrate a Jungschar anniversary with other Jungschars in the region as well as with a festive service.

For the anniversary year of the Jungschar, offer a Chilbi (German: Kirmes/Jahrmarkt).

A children's week on the theme of "time travel"

Offer a children's week at the public outdoor pool.

Going out of our own premises and being present in the village and on its official occasions as a Jungschar 

Offering Jungschar in a specific neighborhood in the afternoons to reach new children.

Playing football with teens, modeling and passing on faith.

Many different ideas or suggestions of ideas for young people's groups in the city.