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The demographic development in Europe leads to a steadily growing proportion of children and young people with a migration background. Their integration is a fundamental challenge for the youth groups.

Aren't they the very ones who are capable of loving and respecting people of different origins? How can we better raise awareness on this topic - here are two helpful links.

Understanding culture

This mixing of culturesin general and in each individual requires confrontation. It requires dialogue, it is no child's play to find a common concept when the conventional criteria such as language, ethnicity and common history are no longer decisive. It needs concepts that are oriented towards the basic needs and commonalities of all people living in one place.

Iceberg as an image for the two levels of cultural understanding


Transcultural thinking is not natural - but biblical. One day countless multitudes from all nations, cultures, languages etc will stand before God's throne and be united. But already here, "Jew nor Greek" no longer applies, only membership in the family of God.

Transcultural we are when

  • we are happy that not only Swiss, but Swiss Turks, Swiss Poles, Swiss Germans, ... live in Switzerland
  • we live integration
  • we are grateful for cultural diversity and exploit its value
  • we not only accept each other in diversity, but can deal with each other as a matter of course

Links to methods

On the following homepage you will find quite valuable ideas for intercultural encounters

Enjoy - and don't forget, Juropa as well as other misisons are good sources of ideas, knowledge, and practical transcultural outreach.

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