Maze with 43 questions

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The labyrinth is a kind of post run with 44 posts. The correct solution of a post always results in the next post to be approached. If you choose the wrong solution, you have to wait a little longer

Preparation of the game

  1. Print out the sheet with the questions, cut out the individual questions and distribute them according to the schedule.
  2. Location: The game can be played indoors or outdoors. In case of rain, it is best to put the questions in a plastic bag. Questions 28, 41, 9, 24, 37 and 29 are near the start, post 14 is near the finish. It can also be played in a larger area, depending on the time available.
  3. Print out a post sheet for each group, the first post is given, the others result from the answers.
  4. The question sheet with the solutions (correct answer underlined) is for the game leader.
  5. You can freely adapt the question sheet and choose other questions (especially recommended for groups outside Switzerland). If other questions are used, make sure that the correct number of the following item is written next to the correct answer! Otherwise the chaos is perfect

Rules for participants:

  1. It is played in groups of 2 or 3 (if needed, it can be individuals or groups of 4)
  2. Material: Post sheet, something to write on. If the game is played outside at night, an additional flashlight
  3. The use of aids (cell phone, bible, etc.) is not allowed
  4. When you are at a post, solve the task (choose from 3 possible answers, in some posts there are more), then go to the post with the given number. You may have to search for it a bit. If the answer was wrong, you just have to go to more items, otherwise nothing is lost!
    Tip: If you see any posts, remember the numbers and the place, maybe you will come to that post some time later.
  5. Write the number of the post and the answer (the letters are enough) on the post sheet
  6. The first one to reach the target post and to hand in the completed post sheet is the winner. The leader can check the post sheets to see if a logical path has been followed.

Source reference

Cover picture: Cour tesy - Spielideen für die Jungschar!
Game idea: Cour tesy - Spielideen für die Jungschar!