Reflective games

Materials: Only a ball is required for the game.

+ The game requires no props.

+ Pleasant and fast gameplay.

There are families who have rented a house in a poor district. Every month the landlord comes and demands the rent. They can earn money by doing various legal jobs (e.g. shining shoes and mopping the streets). In addition, they get money by doing illegal work (e.g. brothel for women and drug dealing). Also food has to be bought with this money. There is also a police station where you can report any crimes. There is also a hospital where one can be treated for any illnesses. Since the poverty is very great, various aid organizations are at work

Even the smallest thing which we consider unimportant can make a huge difference in the world.

A quick reaction game with evaluation.

A course for the blind in which there are many deceptive voices.
The challenge is to listen only to the right instructions.

Create and play a creative commercial so that every child has the opportunity to contribute their ideas. Every child is actively involved in the commercial, so no exclusion or indifference is possible.

The rider is carried on the banner through a course, the direction is given by his plan, because his wheels are blind!

He gives commands but it has interfering "callers" in between and his wheels must listen only to him.

A game in which you can experience experiential communication disorder.