In very simple terms, the azimuth is the angular deviation between the north direction and a sought direction in the specified/required unit usually ° (degrees).

An entertaining village game in which the young warriors are sent to Jericho as scouts to solve tricky puzzles and gather important information about the city and its inhabitants.

The aim of the Technik-Sternli is to teach children age-appropriate Jungschart techniques. A signature run is a good opportunity to apply the content of the Orientation Zack at the Jungschi level.

Gameplay: The Jungschärler get the order (eg Wanted poster as a start) to look for the lost sheep. They then go from post to post until they find the sheep. At each post there is a leader in disguise. The children are each given a clue as to where the next post is and how to deal with that person to get information. If the specified criteria are not met, the leader does not give information!

Generally, the more leaders, the better. The listed variant can be expanded depending on the time budget and present leaders.

At the end, a big party can be celebrated!:)

Appendix: Game idea in detail & Wanted poster

The participants are driven by car to a place where they do not know so well. From this place the participants have to find their way back to the starting point

Four different viewpoints on orienteering:

- Wildlife and bird species in contact with orienteers
- Sensitive terrain areas
- Consequences for course layout
- Ecological orienteering calendar

The forest offers ideal conditions for hide-and-seek as well as adventure games. However, clear rules must be agreed and certain safety precautions taken

Petroleum lamps are easy to use and really bring out the boy's spirit in camps.

Petrolamps can be ordered online.

Here's a quick guide on how to use a petroleum lamp.

This petroleum lamp is also called storm lantern or lantern.

Estimating distances takes some practice, but is worthwhile - especially in orienteering and outdoor programming.

Bet: You can't estimate the length of five 50-lappers strung together to within 10 mm?

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Orienteering is a typical Jungschart activity. Jungschartechnik (map reading), sporting activity and nature enjoyment are combined here in an ideal way. Here we explain what you have to consider when preparing an orienteering run