Observation Games

Hit the "buck" with your stone and don't get caught

Funny game of tag, blindfolded.

- An afternoon for all Jungschar ages
- 12 posts to set records and prove courage

A slightly different way to perceive the environment in a special way.

Ninja is a game to bridge short waiting periods.

Create and play a creative commercial so that every child has the opportunity to contribute their ideas. Every child is actively involved in the commercial, so no exclusion or indifference is possible.

Perfect if you don't want to organize too much, but still want to have fun.

Present a recorded situation.

To walk the world without eyesight is a challenge for those who are not used to it. There is a lot to discover here. For the participants, this can be a real adventure

The demographic development in Europe leads to a steadily growing proportion of children and young people with a migration background. Their integration is a fundamental challenge for the youth groups.

Fun variation on a well-known game.

Very fun to do at a bonte evening or as a component for a hexathlon.
Fits well into a program about the senses.

A game in which you can experience experiential communication disorder.