Night games

A night game for at least 12 (optimally 20) 8-12 year olds where participants need to pay close attention and where a fun mix of action and tactics is created that experience shows is really fun for kids and leaders.

"La Roche" has invented a string wax. Other companies want it too. You can get the recipe for it from "La Roche", it is divided into small parts. The agent must be prepared in a watering can. This is what you have to look for.

Age group: 13-18

Number of participants: 55-60

Number of leaders: 10-15

In terms of time, we are two years after Jesus was born, shortly before Joseph, Mary and Jesus flew to Egypt. It is assumed that Jesus was around two years old at this point in time.

This is a night game that you need a forest or park to play.

Similar to tennis, yet incomparable!

In the limited playing field of a group, about 15 bend lights are hidden in the meadow. The opposing group must run through the field and without being caught by the opposing group bring these bend lights to his playing field and hide them again.

When the idea for a cross-country game is missing

... then why not try this one! It doesn't always have to be the spy game - right? Here the game is presented in the Fischer variant, but of course it can be adapted as you like.

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A program is presented for a local camp. The Robinson theme is incorporated into the devotions, quiet times, games, excursions and experiences. 

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In this night terrain game, players are on a quest to find a secret agent. This agent is in possession of a very important briefcase. Will you find out the necessary information to lure him out of his hiding place?