Competition among chemical multinationals

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"La Roche" has invented a string wax. Other companies want it too. You can get the recipe for it from "La Roche", it is divided into small parts. The agent must be prepared in a watering can. This is what you have to look for.

The company "La Roche" has invented a string wax. With it, very long guitar strings can be produced with little material. The companies "BAYER" and "Novartis" would also like to have the agent in order to remain competitive. You can get the recipe for it from the company "La Roche", but it is divided into many small parts. In order for the remedy to work properly, it must be prepared in a watering can. This can must be found.

The game
The employees of the companies "Novartis" and "BAYER" pick up parts of the recipe at "La Roche". The way there leads through a ribbon fight zone. The recipe is available in two versions (blue and red letters). Each player receives some part in the "La Roche" - regardless of his group affiliation. If he gets his company color, he brings the part to his company. If the color is not right, he can go to the exchange bazaar and exchange with an opponent. However, foreign colored puzzle pieces do not necessarily have to be exchanged immediately. You can try to prevent your opponent from completing the recipe by keeping back important pieces. Whoever is plucked in the ribbon fight must give up his puzzle piece and stand on the spot and sing a song. He must keep singing until he is surrounded by two teammates and thus redeemed.

Within the ribbon fight area some trees ( about 10 pcs. ) are marked with guitar strings. Within a radius of about 5 meters of one of these trees is hidden the watering can, which is searched for by both groups.

The winner is the group that has found the watering can and assembled the recipe at the end of the game time.

Since this is a night game, especially for the age group 8 - 12 years, do not choose the playing field too large. It is anyway advantageous to be in groups, you then have to sing songs for much less time until you are redeemed.


  • Watering can
  • Guitar strings (or wire ) to mark the trees
  • some torches to mark out the boundaries of the playing field
  • two identical recipe puzzles
  • Wool for ribbon fight
  • Bird tape for marking the posts

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Cover picture: Cour tesy - Spielideen für die Jungschar!
Game idea: Cour tesy - Spielideen für die Jungschar!