Food & Drink

Here you will find a simple recipe how to fry nettles on the fire.

A sweet Zvieri for over the fire

Here's how to make marshmallows yourself

Here's how to make an edible crocodile from a cucumber.

The cucumber crocodile goes with, for example:

-A jungle program / party

-To the story of Joseph in Egypt (Nile crocodile)

Make an edible snake out of a sandwich.

The snake is suitable, for example, for:

-A jungle program / festival

-An animal / creation program

-The story of the brazen serpent

Make fruit skewers coated with chocolate

Make a cake in the shape of a treasure chest.

The cake goes with, for example: a treasure hunt program, a seafaring camp, a pirate program, the story of the treasure in the field, to the main idea "You are valuable to God"

Exciting quarterly program for Ameisli with four originals from the Bible featuring:

- Cooking
- Physical activity
- Crafts
- Devotions

Quarter program for antli with:

Cooking, devotion, crafts and games
and ... Surprise parents and siblings!


End of Year Celebration - Teen Club End of Year Party

To welcome the new teens to the teen club we have a party!

- Competitive game conducted as a feast to get to know each other

- and as a conclusion there is a feast!

A highlight of the Jungschi know-how market is: pulling chocolate candles.

Try it once!

Are you taking home 3 cans of pepper and salt again after every camp?

Do you re-buy all your spices before each camp - and then find more somewhere?

Spices have a long shelf life and can therefore be used again in the next Pfila

We organize a soapbox race with as little effort as possible. This can spur the teens and kids to build their own soapboxes.

The aim of the Gelateria is to create a cosy place where young people can be together in an informal way. It should be a cheap alternative to the Beizenbesuch and allow contacts

Teenies can participate in a self-chosen interest group for a certain period of time. They work actively and propose project topics themselves, e.g. foreign cooking

A well-known pastry that you can now make yourself.

Brittle is a sweet that is essentially caramelized sugar and almond flakes.

Here's a recipe for how to make gummy bears with kids

To get to know the children's parents better, they can be invited to a meal. The meal is prepared with the children and the parents can only come at the arranged time, sit down and enjoy the cooked meal.

The children/teenagers will cook a meal without the use of normal kitchen utensils.