Cocolino - Stories from the cooking pot

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Quarter program for antli with:

Cooking, devotion, crafts and games
and ... Surprise parents and siblings!

Quarterly program with cooking class

40 Ameisli experienced four exciting, educational afternoons with Cocolino, the funny children's picture cookbook. In addition to cooking, devotions, handicrafts and games, parents and siblings were invited to a home-cooked three-course meal on the fourth afternoon. A complete success with many positive echoes and good memories for all involved! The Ameisli are enthusiastic cooks, so: highly recommended for imitation!

Program overview (For more detailed descriptions see individual afternoons)

1st afternoon Hors d'oeuvres: Sandwiches Painting aprons Food for body and soul

2nd afternoon Main course: making tomato spaghetti placemat Dealing with spiritual and bodily food

3rd afternoon Dessert: faux fried eggs napkin printing Salt of the Earthplus taste test:

  • Who knows the 10 different vegetables, nicely cut and provided?
  • Who knows the 10 different spices on the small platesli?
  • Who knows the 10 different yogurts (some treated with food coloring)?

With this, we show the children how much they take in with their eyes and what they taste with their tongues (so a vanilla yogurt with red color suddenly becomes a strawberry or raspberry yogurt!)

4th afternoon Inviting parents and siblings to a fine home-cooked meal

  • Cookbook: guide to physical well-being
  • Bible: guide to spiritual well-being

Source credits:

Author and images: Susanne and Konrad Christen, INPUT 3/96 Besj


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