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The maze is a kind of post run with 75 posts. The correct solution of a post always results in the next post to be approached. If you choose the wrong solution you get on a wrong track, from which you come back sooner or later to the correct post path.

The rules of the game
The maze is a kind of post run with 75 posts. The correct solution of a post always results in the next post to be run. If you choose the wrong solution you get on a wrong track, from which you come sooner or later back to the correct post path.

It is played in groups of 2 to 3. Each group rolls its starting post (1 to 6). The answer to a question leads the group to the next post.

Possible scoring: primarily count the number of posts run to the finish. In case of a tie, the running time decides. However, the post run can also be played well without evaluation.

Game outdoors (forest): The post sheets are posted according to the scheme (see below).
Correct answer = forward
wrong answer = backward
Play in or around the house: The post sheets are hung wildly and must be searched each time. Do not hang last post (#75) until the first group is close to the finish. Do not tell how many posts it has total!

This is a real "all-purpose" game! Can be played in any weather in any place with some space with any number of participants. Can be easily adapted to different age levels with other questions (or even tasks)

Questions for post sheets
(Correct answers are underlined)
IMPORTANT: If other questions are used, be sure to include the correct number of the following item with the correct answer! Otherwise the chaos is perfect.

1. Which coastline is longer, Africa's or Europe's?

a) Africa 37
b) Europe 55
c) Both equal 27

2. In which lake is St. Peter's Island?

a) Sophie Tauber-Arp 36
b) Lake Murten 37
c) Lake Biel 27

3. What is the name of the person pictured on the Swiss 20 note?

a) Sophie Tauber-Arp 14
b) Leonhard Euler 27
c) Arthur Honegger 36

4. How many percent of the earth's surface is covered with water?

a) 70.7% 10
b) 10.2 % 62
c) 95.6 % 55

5. Who founded the scouting movement?

a) A.J. Mc Pfadingham 62
b) Lord W. Scout 36
c) R. St. Baden - Powell 10

6. How many psalms are in the Bible?

a) 150 14
b) 151 10
c) 125 27

7. How many black keys does a piano have?

a) 40 28
b) 37 46
c) 35 49

8. What is the name of the capital city of Nepal?

a) Naples 68
b) Katmandu 65
c) Constantinople 74

9. How much is a millimeter on the 1:25,000 map in reality?

a) 2,50 m 8
b) 25 m 57
c) 250 m 68

10. What was the name of the capital city of Israel in 800 BC?

a) Samaria 26
b) Jerusalem 62
c) Jericho 33

11. The biggest glacier in Switzerland is called:

a) Morteratsch glacier 10
b) Rhone glacier 17
c) Aletschgletscher 25

12. How many chromosomes does a human have?

a) 56'000'000'000 53
b) approx. 850'000'000 49
c) uncountable 75

13. Earth radius measures:

a) 40'123 km 20
b) 12'740 km 17
c) 6'370 km 60

14. What is the Wailing Wall?

a) Jewish sanctuary in Jerusalem 73
b) Sprayed concrete wall in Berlin 24
c) Tourist attraction in Egypt 33

15. Does the "man in the moon" ever turn his back on us?

a) always 52
b) never 34
c) from time to time 19

16. What was the name of the wife of the Soviet president in 1989?

a) Raissa Gorbacheva 9
b) Raissa Gorbachev 30
c) Raissa Gorbachevia 67

17. When is the earth closest to the sun?

a) in summer 26
b) in winter 39
c) always equal 24

18. From which plant is saffron extracted?

a) lily 9
b) Saffron rice 68
c) Crocus 64

19. What does the word "hypothesis" mean?

a) the third teeth 48
b) Assertion 31
c) longest side in right triangle 66

20. How many petals does a tulip have?

a) 4 43
b) 5 36
c) 6 61

21. What is a terebinth?

a) a vessel 22
b) an animal 29
c) a tree 30

22. In which two countries is Lake Titicaca located?

a) Brazil / Paraguay 63
b) Mali / Guinea 67
c) Peru / Bolivia 70

23.How long did it take to rebuild the wall of Jerusalem under the leadership of Nehemiah?

a) 52 days 70
b) 152 days 59
c) 304 days 66

24. How many variations are there to put five cards side by side in a row?

a) 25 36
b) 120 51
c) over 120 43

25. Why is this post run?

a) Why not 59
b) For lack of anything better we could think of 71
c) Just like that 38
d) For the general amusement of the people 29
e) As mental/physical training 52
f) Because it's fun! 41

26. How to spell the word correctly (according to old spelling)?

a) Rythm 51
b) Rhythm 25
c) Rythm 20

27. How many letters contained in the Bible did Paul write?

a) 3 37
b) 7 14
c) 13 43

28. What were the names of the three sons of Adam?

a) Cain, Abel, Zebulun 48
b) Cain, Abel, Seth 53
c) Cain, Abel, Shem 67

29th Which is the oldest Christian holiday?

a) Easter 63
b) Christmas 73
c) Drive-up 17

30. How many people survived the Flood?

a) 12 44
b) 8 50
c) 4 66

31. How many verses does the longest psalm have?

a) 205 35
b) 176 50
c) 194 74

32. How old was Jesus in 10 AD?

a) 17 years 47
b) 10 years 44
c) 12 years 39

33. One may stop giving artificial respiration to an unconscious person when

a) the unconscious person does not breathe again by himself after half an hour 73
b) you can no longer feel a pulse 43
c) the ventilated person is breathing independently again 26

34. How long can a human live without oxygen?

a) 3 min 50
b) 8 min 13
c) 15 min. 60

35. The Pool of Bethesda, where Jesus healed a sick man on the Sabbath, is in

a) Jericho 47
b) Jerusalem 48
c) capernaum 61

36.Who anointed Jesus' feet with real, precious ointment of nard?

a) Martha 37
b) Maria 10
c) Elizabeth 14

37. Where was Paul born?

a) ssus 14
b) Tarsus 24
c) Salamis 62

38. What is the name of the elevation difference between the elevation curves?

a) Aqueduct 20
b) equidistance 42
c) equator 51

39. Where did the last (4th) journey of the apostle Paul lead?

a) Athens 11
b) Corinth 33
c) Rome 59

40. Which pass leads from the Grisons to the Ticino?

a) San Bernardino 72
b) St. Gotthard 8
c) Lukmanier 75

41. how many books does the Bible have?

a) 57 39
b) 66 13
c) 62 61

42. What was the name of Moses' brother?

a) Aaron 22
b) Hur 29
c) Joshua 71

43. What was the name of the brother of Mary + Martha from Bethany?

a) Nicodemus 36
b) Zachaeus 33
c) Lazarus 51

44. In which language was the NT originally written?

a) Greek 67
b) Latin 71
c) Hebrew 39

45th Who wrote the 23rd Psalm?

a) Salomo 41
b) Jeremiah 39
c) David 47

46th Where was John F. Kennedy shot?

a) Dallas 49
b) New York 48
c) San Francisco 74

47. How many animals did Noah take into the ark?

a) How many went in 29
b) of all a pair 60
c) all useful 44

48. Which is the highest mountain of the Bernese Alps?

a) Finsteraarhorn 15
b) monk 38
c) Scared horn 66

49. How many liters of milk are needed to produce a 90 kg Emmenthaler - cheese?

a) 750 L 48
b) 1'000 L 40
c) 1'250 L 68

50. What do you think, did you answer the previous question correctly?

a) could be 16
b) no idea 8
c) for sure yes 68
d) no 28
e) hopefully 46
f) barely 54

51. Who was Nebuchadnezzar?

a) a mage 10
b) an Egyptian pharaoh 37
c) a Babylonian king 11

52. From whom is the following quote: "Music is often perceived as disturbing, especially since it is associated with noise"?

a) Willi Ritschard 61
b) Christian Morgenstern 39
c) Wilhelm Busch 63

53. Jesus asked the woman from Samaria to

a) Water 49
b) bread 57
c) Fruits 68

54. Who to contact in case of poisoning?

a) Ciba - Geigy 35
b) Toxicology Institute 7
c) Next hospital 19

55. What is the name of the pass that leads from Tiefenkastel to Silvaplana?

a) Julier 43
b) Albula 14
c) Flüela 24

56. How long is a year?

a) 365 days 57
b) 365 days 6 hrs 69
c) 365 days 5 hr. 56 min. 24 sec. 75

57. What is a polonaise?

a) A sauce 18
b) nonsensical accumulation of letters 64
c) a dance game 12

58. What are muses?

a) Goddesses 40
b) Exhibition 46
c) Pureeing machines 7

59. What are nymphs?

a) Vascular systems in humans 17
b) Goddesses of nature 32
c) Figures on the bow of a sailing ship 33

60. Which spelling is correct?

a) mildew 21
b) Meltau 19

61. What was the name of the first martyr of the Christians?

a) Philipus 62
b) Stephanus 25
c) Paulus 33

62. Who was Homer?

a) a Greek navigator 14
b) Author of the Odyssey 33
c) an Egyptian pharaoh 26

63. What is Popocatépetl?

a) a mountain 23
b) a river 38
c) an African dish 71

64. What is brass made of?

a) copper + iron 53
b) copper + zinc 12
c) brass is a pure metal 28

65. What is the name of the capital of Australia?

a) Sydney 28
b) Melbourne 16
c) Canberra 57

66. In which country is the city of Dar es Salaam?

a) Tanzania 35
b) Liberia 29
c) Saudi Arabia 52

67. What is the name of the capital of Mauritius?

a) Maurs 38
b) Port Louis 74
c) Male 41

68. Which is the longest river in the world?

a) Amazon 65
b) Nile 35
c) Mississippi 50

69. How many suras does the Quran have?

a) 63 54
b) 99 28
c) 114 58

70th Which is true?

a) We are sure we have come to 70 on the right path and now we are going to 35
b) We suspect we came the wrong way to 70 and are now going to 19

71. What does "The die is cast" mean in Latin?

a) Errare humanum est 17
b) Alea jacta est 45
c) Quod erat demonstrandum 26

72. How many disciples did Jesus take with him to pray in the Garden of Gethsemane?

a) 3 56
b) none 58
c) 7 65

73. Which is the shortest psalm?

a) 52 36
b) 117 20
c) 127 55

74. What is acetyl salicylic acid?

a) component of the wine 13
b) chemical name for acetic acid 52
c) chemical name for aspirin 21

75. On which journey did the Apostle Paul visit the island of Cyprus?

a) 1st trip 76
b) 2nd trip 57
c) 3rd trip 72

76th GOAL - Report to the game master


  • Item sheets
  • Cubes
  • Tape
  • Tear nails
  • Schedule of posts (in the forest)
  • Question + answer sheets

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