Technology relay

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The aim of the Technik-Sternli is to teach children age-appropriate Jungschart techniques. Relays are ideal for regularly refreshing all technical areas.


Relays are ideal for learning and applying various young charter techniques at all levels.

Playing time:

The relays are designed so that they can be used as warm-up or bridging games.

Goal of the game:

The winner is the group in which all group members completed a certain task fastest.

Secondary game objective:

With the relay, the children learn more about Jungschart technical content.

Fire and food

Groups of 4-6 participants

One after the other, run from each group child by child from the group seat to the memory cards and take a card and run back to the group seat. The group that first sorted all the cards in the correct order sits down and wins.

Round 1: The cards are numbered and sorted correctly (child 1 automatically takes card 1)

Round 2: The cards are numbered but mixed up wildly.

Round 3: The cards are randomly shuffled and not numbered.

Round 4: The cards lie face down in the double. The child may only take the cards if, according to the Momory game, it reveals the same two cards.

Memory cards



At the group seat, the Jungschärler each receive a signature on a Post It, for example "Church". With that, the young Schärler runs off. He now has to stick the Post-It to the matching signature on a card.

Basic signatures (visible on many map sections)

  • Church tower / chapel / cemetery / summit cross or crucifix
  • railway station
  • Bath / pond
  • sports ground
  • Municipality / canton boundaries
  • Hedge / cluster of trees / plantation / forest
  • Different types of roads
  • Depression / dam / elevation

Specific signatures:

  • Campground
  • Ara: (wastewater treatment plants)
  • Shelters
  • Remote inn
  • Shooting range
  • ruin
  • ...

Image rights

Cover picture: BESJ 2018, Jungscharmoment

Memory card: BESJ 2020, Ameisli area