The golden aquarium

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Three teams want to open a seafood restaurant. To ensure the long-term survival, a good training of the staff is essential. In addition, it is always an advantage if a restaurant can boast as many stars as possible. A serious jury will award a golden aquarium to the restaurant with the most original and creative ideas

The gameplay

First part

  • Three groups are formed (or more, depending on the number of participants)
  • Each group has one room for its restaurant.
  • In the other rooms the different training courses are distributed (for a more detailed description see below):
    Fish course
    Purchasing course
    Serving course
    Speech course
    Cooking course
    Cleaning course
    Billing course
  • Each member of the group receives a pass (see 'Copy template' - Aquarium.pdf), on which the attendance of the courses is confirmed.
  • Each player completes the courses by himself, there is no need to pay attention to the others of the group.
  • Each course can be visited maximum five times
  • The food earned at the posts will be collected in the restaurant.
  • If each course has been visited once, it gives one star for the corresponding player, if all have been visited twice, two stars, etc.
  • At the end of the first part, the number of stars for the restaurant is determined: The decisive factor here is the minimum number of stars achieved by all of them individually. That is, if one of the group has five stars, but another has only two, the restaurant receives only two stars.
  • Already during the first part of the game, players who have already collected many stars can devote themselves to the tasks of the second part (putting together a menu, writing a menu, etc.)

Second part of the game

  • The restaurant must now be set up. The food items from the first part of the game must be assembled into a special menu and the room should be transformed into a restaurant. More or less time and material can be spent on decorating the room, but the most important thing is the original food presentation.
  • A three-member jury is formed by the team of leaders, which has the task of evaluating the restaurants. The following points will be taken into account (will be communicated to the players in advance):
    Decoration, furnishing (evaluate according to the given conditions in a room and the available material. (Creative and original design?).
    Menu (How well it was matched to the theme of fish restaurant?)
    Service (Correct service, how learned?)
    Presentation by the host (How is the whole thing sold to the customer?)
    Number of stars
    (Other points can be evaluated as well)
  • Evaluation procedure (must also be communicated to the players beforehand):
    Everyone visits one restaurant after the other.
    A leader (not from the jury) makes himself available as a guest.
    The corresponding group must now introduce their restaurant and the menu to the customer, explain it, etc.
    The guest may also ask intrusive questions to test the staff's quick wit.
    The guest must be served the menu he or she wants.
  • When all the restaurants have been tested, the jury retires for deliberation. During this time, the players can fill their bellies in their own restaurants.
  • Finally, the jury announces the ranking. Awarding of the golden aquarium.

Posts / Leaders

The basic rule for the posts is:
The requirements increase each time a player takes a course. It is not a matter of repeating the course until it is fulfilled. The children should not have to practice an excessive amount of time on a course. It should also not be the case that they have attended one course five times and another only twice.




Fishing Everyone in a seafood restaurant, from the cook to the cleaning lady, should know how to fish blindfolded:
  • Film cans must be fished with a rod
  • In the cans are salt fish
  • Distance from the fish can be increased with each star level.
  • Fishing rods
  • Film cans or something similar
  • Salt fish
Shopping Shopping is also a very important thing:
  • In a shopping basket is full of items (at least 30)
  • Depending on how many items a student can remember, he gets a certain amount of food.
  • Smarties, gummy bears, syrup, ...
  • Shopping basket full of items
  • List of items
Serving The serving course is building up, from star to star:
  1. Obstacle course over chair, table with serving tray
  2. Setting a table as quickly as possible.
  3. Obstacle course with increased difficulty
  4. serve correctly
  5. test 1 to 4 again
  • Crockery (preferably plastic)
  • Cutlery
  • Serving tray
  • Table and chairs
Speaking Always nice and friendly. In addition a small speech course, so that the tongue never goes wrong:
  1. Have the player tell a restaurant, waiter joke.
  2. Read a text aloud (from a cookbook)
  3. Saying: When flies fly behind flies, flies fly after flies.
  4. Saying: Fischers Fritz fishes fresh fish, fresh fish fishes Fischers Fritz.
  5. Saying: Dr Papscht het z'Spiez z'Bschteck z'spät bschtäult.

(Recite sayings as quickly and flawlessly as possible)

  • Text to read aloud
  • Sheet with sayings
  1. Grate a bar of chocolate
  2. Squeeze oranges
  3. Peel an apple (as long as possible)
  4. like 1
  5. like 3

The processed foods are collected at the post and divided equally among all groups at the end.

  • Chocolate, oranges, apples
  • Grater, peeler, juicer
Cleaning Order not fixed, different cleaning:

Pick up floor, clean sink, clean mirror, wash plates....

  • appropriate cleaning material
Arithmetic To train arithmetic skills, players play Halli-Galli against the instructor (the object of this game is to press a bell as quickly as possible when there are five identical fruits on the playing cards on the table). Game can be played one-on-one or with several, if two or three are attending the course at the same time. The course leader should be a reasonably good Halli-Galli player so that he can increase the difficulty for the players from star to star.
  • Halli-Galli


  • Material for items see above
  • Decoration material, painting utensils for signs etc.
  • Passes (see copy volume - Aquarium.pdf)
  • Golden aquarium (once the imagination of the leaders is needed!)

Source reference

Cover picture: Canva
Game idea: Courtesy of - Spielideen für die Jungschar!