Brief instructions for setting up a carousel in pioneering work.

Building rafts and navigating rivers and lakes is considered by many to be a dream outdoor experience and is associated with exciting stories such as Tom Sawyer. This article will discuss different types of raft building, as well as how to implement them in Jungschar work.

8 day sola 2014 of the youth forum Wiedenest

Detail program Teen-Sola 2014
Theme: Vikings

The stopper hitch is a knot that clamps when loaded and slides when unloaded. Similar to the Prusik.

In tent camps it is important to be able to build a functioning infrastructure. This article provides an overview of possible camp buildings. The camp buildings have to be adapted to different aspects:

camp duration, camp size, camp site, age of the participants, season and fun of building

The Sarasani is a large group tent, woven from military banners. A Sarasani can be built in a variety of sizes, depending on how many sheets are used and how tall the structure is.

The Sarasani is knotted from three squares of canvas. In theory, the shape of a Sarasani corresponds to a tetrahedron (pyramid with 3 edges).