The inhabitants of Quark tried to sneak across the strictly guarded border and recover the money stolen during the many years from the bank in Quark. The inhabitants of Quark try to do the same with the bank of Quark.

Here you will find a simple recipe how to fry nettles on the fire.

Working with soapstone is a craft that inspires both girls and boys. Whether at summer camp or as a youth group afternoon, soapstone always goes and promotes the creativity of the children.

The giant dinosaur from the ice

Embellish flower pots simply creative.

The Nervous Journey is a joyful game to test our nervous strain in a humorous way.

An eventful bike ride to emulate!

Play fitness training - group competition with self-invented fitness exercises

This game is all about seeing and looking in the right place.

This game encourages the sense of touch.

Can you "experience" the Narue with seeing, hearing, smelling? How does one do that?

Other games:
- Good day, Mr. Forester
- Fox and hare
- Forest word game

Other games:
- Owls and crows
- Wooden game
- Pine cone fangis


Perhaps we have already had contact with "magical" places in the forest and can imagine that a long time ago in the forest have also hoofed strange creatures, such as dragons, giants, dwarves. Of course, these beings have also known games. Two of them are presented here.

Games to: Explore forest habitat

An evening around the campfire is made for storytelling, and those stories today are, of course, about the forest.

Dusk is a special time in the forest. One has the feeling that silence returns to the forest. Probably this impression is based on the fact that the bird calls gradually disappear. But of course there is no peace in the forest, because now begins for many animals the actually active time of day.


When we hear "forest animal" we probably think first of the larger specimens of forest fauna, such as deer, stags, foxes, badgers, or perhaps martens or squirrels, but there are many more.

We get to know the forest as a habitat for plants in an experiential way. "Knowing" here means much more than just knowing the names. We learn about the characteristics and nature of plant life and try to get closer to them in different ways

The following suggestion goes beyond the actual forest day. We present here a frame story that takes place every day and that creates rather quiet, contemplative moments in the lively camp life.

We search and find surprising things in the forest

We have now playfully introduced ourselves to the forest floor. However, have we really noticed what it has on the ground?

Sensory Experiences - Playfulness

The given order of the program suggestions is one possibility among many.

Depending on the age group, it may be more appropriate to spread the "Forest Day" ideas over several days.

In the forest, there are various rules to follow

- What the children notice should be made an issue

- Stress in the forest is not a daily goal

How to create a forest day with groups

Similar to tennis, yet incomparable!

Useful advice for various venues and situations


Program blocks in the camp program:
- in which all can participate
- which must "carry" over a long period of time 
- where material and location can be organized to some extent 

The forest offers ideal conditions for hide-and-seek as well as adventure games. However, clear rules must be agreed and certain safety precautions taken

Visiting a cave is an exciting adventure for young and old. Natural wonders can be marvelled at, which can only be found in a cave.

Playground structure determines play behavior

During all four seasons, we draw various comparisons to us humans based on nature:

Spring - preparation
Summer - growth
Autumn - harvests
Winter - rest

Week camp with devotions and playing cards:

Discover the meaning of your life

Complete article, see PDF files

Experience the forest with all your senses.

Children in particular love being out in nature. This offers them opportunities for play and adventure without sensory overload. Nowadays, however, you sometimes have to put children on the track(s) and guide them first.