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This article corresponds to the BESJ annual focus 1993:

Worshiping God:

Youth group - church


  • Hiking and sleeping on straw
  • Excursion to the waterfall and discovery of a ruin
  • etc.

For a long time, the church of F. has regularly held interesting meetings for the family members of the youth and teenagers. Everyone is invited - "family" is not seen so much genetically as "spiritually". Everyone is invited to be part of the "family of God". Here even singles, grandmas, neighbor kids, single mothers .... feel comfortable. The meetings are organized by families or small teams from the community. The focus is not on perfect organisation, not on a stylish programme, but on fellowship, games, fun, conversations, spontaneity, mutual service, encouragement and sharing.


New, Effective Ways in Community Building

1. Family as part of the creation order

2. Happy families form the best foundation of any social order

3. Families - Temples of God

4. Family as a shelter against the destructive, anti-human decay

5. Families helping families - social networks

6. Winning whole families for the kingdom of God

7. Families experience joy(s) - imagination - peace

8. ... before it's too late


In many churches and congregations, children have to move to other age groups. It can happen that this becomes a problem. Why this is so and what can be done about it, this article wants to give information about.


This is a summary of the book:
"Youth Ministry with Vision"
by Doug Fields from Projection J Publishing.
ISBN: 3-89490-318-X

Invitations contain the necessary information about your events, such as meeting place and time. They serve on the one hand to inform your youth about upcoming events and on the other hand as a simple means to invite outsiders.