Games at home

Three teams want to open a seafood restaurant. To ensure the long-term survival, a good training of the staff is essential. In addition, it is always an advantage if a restaurant can boast as many stars as possible. A serious jury will award a golden aquarium to the restaurant with the most original and creative ideas


  • age group 7-14
  • Outside, but around where you gather
  • One or two leaders
  • Up to 15 minutes

The classic game Cards against Humanity with its black humor is available in all possible variants. Now also in the Jungschar variant and something more suitable for children.

Game about the people of Israel in the Sinai desert and the golden calf.

There are about 3 to 5 posts (depending on the number of leaders). Each post has several numbers, for the different numbers the players have to solve different tasks. The posts are distributed in and around the house. The tickets (1x, 2x, 3x) are filled in by the leader at the post.

The well-known "sink ships" as an active game for indoors or outdoors.

On various topics, costume contests can be made with the children. The disguises are made from everyday materials such as newspaper and tape.

Possible themes: Kings (e.g., on the story of David, Solomon).

Numbers and numbers

+Good to have benches or chairs for this game,

This game is suitable for teaching young children how to handle and find their way through the Bible in a playful way.

Pass it around the circle with yes and no.

Game as a time killer on the go.

A slightly different game of hide and seek.

- The maze is a toy to fill dead time

- or for a group competition

- and a useful craft


... is fun to make

and fun to play with

The game is a variation of Monopoly

This Bible quiz is very popular among teenagers. In a playful way they look for Bible passages and learn the Bible once in a special way.

The game is similar to "Pelote Basque", but yet not - be surprised!

The Nervous Journey is a joyful game to test our nervous strain in a humorous way.

A game with 5 dice

Mikado game with "big" sticks

... or Schusser, Clicker etc. There are over 100 names for this game in the German-speaking world alone and at least as many games.

A giant marble run is an afternoon activity that encourages creativity and collaboration.

Adventure rooms can now be found in every major city. You are locked in a room and have to free yourself from it within a certain time. Simple adventure rooms can also be set up yourself and completed with children in a youth group afternoon

If it should rain cats and dogs at summer camp ...

"Detective run in the house"!!

Scrabble is a well-known parlour game that can also be expanded with several variants, give it a try!



Always think of bad weather when making camp preparations!

- An afternoon for all Jungschar ages
- 12 posts to set records and prove courage

For once something completely different is an Olympiad that is performed blindfolded - a totally new experience!

Help it's raining! How do we design our Olympics NOW!

Have you ever baked a BIBLE CUP? Give it a try!

You never have enough games, so: here are more games!!

A fun camp evening wants to be well prepared. That's why here are some games.

The Creation Alphabeth is a fun way for children to engage with the theme of God as Creator.

This game is all about seeing and looking in the right place.

This game is meant to spread kindness.

The three cantons of Uri, Schwyz and Nidwalden each form a game group. The game is played according to the official rules (Swiss edition)

Do you know the board games:
- Shovelboard
- Go

A fun short game that requires only paper and pencils.

Many many games in 2 groups, in chair circle

Time the kids with a mega scrabble!

The Adventure Camp post run will "de-ice" your teens, too

Role play around career choice, job interviews, bullying and career.

These topics are brand new to our teens as well. We play the serious case in a not quite serious way.

Water game with little effort - great success!

A little game to illustrate that we are to look to God and not to the people around us.

Running with these füssen is not as easy as it looks at first glance. The Füsse are strapped into two leather loops and then a certain distance either against each other or in a certain time must be run. 

Create and play a creative commercial so that every child has the opportunity to contribute their ideas. Every child is actively involved in the commercial, so no exclusion or indifference is possible.

Make an orienteering course with the Bible. This article shows you how to make an orienteering event where the participants are led through different Bible passages to the next post. It's fun - let yourself be surprised...