Teacher- EPA Afternoon Programme №5

Submitted by Hrisko on Thu, 01.12.2022 - 09:15

This season, we will look at the story of William Tyndale, who translated the Bible from Hebrew into English. Through this story, we will be able to show children the importance of the Word and that we should be thankful to have it in a language that is accessible to us. We will experience different things that are part of the story.

Our key message for today's theme is "When you do good, even the smallest things can for the glory of God.

The pocket game can be of your choice



We begin with a welcome, rules and preface and introduce the children to the new topic


We continue with the story from the chapter "The Master". The story can be narrated by a supervisor playing Tyndale. Only the first part of the story is told.

You can view the game here https://www.youngstarswiki.org/bg/wiki/art/igra-ss-schipki


We continue with the second part of the chapter "The Master."

The treat can be of your choice.


We continue with praise and sharing. Sharing has a key message "When I do good, even the smallest things can be for the glory of God."


Creativity can be of your choice.