Game with clips

Submitted by Hrisko on Thu, 01.12.2022 - 09:16


  • Age group 7 to 14
  • At least 2 leaders
  • 20-30 minites



  • Laundy pins
  • Laundry pins with verses of famous passages or storys written on them
  • 2 Bibles



The children are divided into two teams and each team is given pins with verses written on them. Everyone also gets one of the laundry pins and hangs them on their clothes, in a place that is easily accessible and not likely to get hit. The pins with the verses are always two (for example, Psalm 23 should be written on two pins). Each team gets one of this pair of verses. Their goal is to collect the pairs of pins. At the end of the game the children can check the verses they have collected. Whoever has the most pairs of pins wins the game.