In a PowerPoint presentation, the wonderful story of God's love through His Son Jesus Christ, can be followed.

A devotional concept for a semester of 8 devotions.

It deals with various parables from the Bible, which may not yet be known by all children.

A great way to act out Bible stories or other stories in a devotional is with Playmobil.

In this article I give you some tips and ideas.

A Raben-Vertüferli from a clothespin.

Fitting e.g. to the story of Elijah and the ravens or to the main message: God cares for you.

Or to the Bible verse 1 Peter 5:7

The Vertüüferli is used as a magnetic note holder.

A little craft to a devotion with the possible topics:

  • Prayer
  • Psalm 50:50 or Psalm 4:4
  • "God hears you"
  • "You can always talk to God"

A great little bag for devotions on a wide variety of topics.

You can also attach a hidden message that appears when you open the clothespin.

A Vertüüferli to your devotion, for example, on the topics of "salvation" or "Jesus saves"


This concept was carried out as part of the Besj League Zone Zurich. It is suitable for children and young people aged 9-16 years. It is intended to serve as a support for devotional preparation.

From salt dough you can make great tablets of the law. First, they look very real and second, Moses can break them in his anger. (Unfortunately, ours were broken before a photo was taken...)

Later, Moses had to write down the laws himself. You might as well make some as vertüferli with the Jungschärlern.

On the English-language website you can find images from various Bible stories.

This concept was carried out as part of the Besj League Zone Zurich. It is suitable for children and young people aged 9-16 years. It is intended to serve as a support for devotional preparation.

Many and all Bible-based statements that become a love letter from our Creator to you.

As we are planning a trip to the local fire department with the Jungschar, I wanted to hold a devotion in the spirit of the unit program. But since I didn't find very much material for this, I worked something out myself. The goal was to form a tangible parallel between the world of experience of the fire department and the Gospel, but at the same time to be able to pass on a practical application for everyday life especially also for the many church children in our Jungschar.

Program for 1/2 Year Teen Youth Group

Exciting quarterly program for Ameisli with four originals from the Bible featuring:

- Cooking- Physical activity- Crafts- Devotions

Quarter program for antli with:

Cooking, devotion, crafts and games
and ... Surprise parents and siblings!

This concept was carried out as part of the Besj League Zone Zurich. It is suitable for children and young people aged 9-16 years. It is intended to serve as a support for devotional preparation.

This concept was carried out as part of the Besj League Zone Zurich. It is suitable for children and young people aged 9-16 years. It is meant to serve as a support for devotional preparation.

The basic idea for the concept was based on this article. Thanks for it:…

This concept was carried out as part of the Besj League Zone Zurich. It is suitable for children and young people aged 9-16 years. It is intended to serve as a support for devotional preparation.

This devotional was created for a fall camp (7 days) on the theme of the Wild West. Paralell to this theme the book of Joshua (life in the new land) was treated.

Whether in teen or youth ministry, no leader wants to bore his or her participants with his or her devotions. Now to have exciting and fruitful devotions, you don't have to water down God's Word or talk about worldly things. It is simply a matter of interpreting the Bible. The devotional principle "HEY,YOU SEE SO" can be a great help to us as leaders to captivate the participants with our devotions.

This devotional principle comes from the book: Ten Goals of Youth Ministry. p.98.

We make a pentagon lamp with a tea light

and have a devotion afterwards

- Game - Trust

- Devotion - "Happiness of life" (fulfilled life)

- An afternoon for all Jungschar ages- 12 posts to set records and prove courage


An afternoon of Jungschar in public - mingling with the public

Guaranteed to be an absolute HIT!

Suspenseful competition and devotion on the theme of Psalms.

Competition for 3 groups of teenagers with picture puzzles, pantomime, collages.

For our sola, instead of a traditional theater, we recorded a radio play with all the leaders. Here is our result for further use or development

Jungschi Advent Advent Calendar

As a leadership team, you could make your Jungschi children an Advent devotional calendar.

The calendar includes reading the Christmas story, encouraging words, and little contests.

Here's the template for how we gave the kids the calendar for St. Nicholas Boys' Night. Some of the template still needs to be modified.

Have fun!

I wanted to tackle the meaning of the cross with our church youth group, aged 12+, who are predominently not church-going children.

Below is an outline for a talk which worked really well for us as the framework for an evening around a campfire - taking the group through from an easy introduction to symbols and logos through to a biblical presentation of the meaning of the cross.

We finished the evening with a challenge to the children; to make them think more carefully about the cross and what it means to them. You may want to change this to better suit the type of group you have, and where they are on their spiritual journeys.

Even the smallest thing which we consider unimportant can make a huge difference in the world.

Take charge of and conduct worship with the entire teen group from A-Z.

Each teen and leader is involved and put to work according to their gifts.

The Megaton is about making a film using the simplest means possible and within a 'normal' programme. Can be shown at parent or information night. All teens should be engaged in the process.

A Christmas theatre about the joy of life, time and love

Critical questions and statements

On the Bible text: Genesis 1:1-31

All chapters in detail, see PDF file (24 pages)

A semester program of diverse activities on the theme "I like to move it!" and with 8 devotions on the parables of Jesus.

Spiritual Concept of a Semester with 9 Devotions on the Lives of Elijah and Elisha.

Spiritual concept of a semester with 9 devotions on the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7).

The children learn about the standards of Jesus and how to apply them.

They read independently in the Bible and share about it.

A semester program on Esther and Ruth (Spiritual Theme) as well as various ideas for program activities.

When Jesus spoke, it came alive. He did not make yawning lectures with many abstract words but often used pictures. We humans love pictures. Pictures are easier to memorize. Pictures illustrate something and pictures can be remembered - especially when they have something to do with our life. And the pictures which Jesus used, had to do with his audience. Let us take the parables of the kingdom of heaven (Matthew chapter 13) as an example. A whole chapter where Jesus talks in images to the people and his disciples. There were many farmers among the audience and that is what the parables of the fourfold field are aiming at - the word which does not only fall on good soil or the image of the enemy who sows a seed which destroys the good seed. Then there were also housewives, for whom the image of the leaven is just right or then also the fishing net, which of course fits for the fishermen in this region at the so-called Galilean Sea - the Sea of Galilee.But if we now ask ourselves which image Jesus probably used as the very first one, it seems to be not so easy at all. And if I'm going to ask it that way, it's certainly not one of the ones I just mentioned. That's true. The parable of the fishing net is the closest to our image, because it is also about fishing. Now, of course, it rings a bell with most people. It is about the incident when Jesus was passing by the Sea of Galilee and saw Peter and Andrew in the boat and called out to them, "Come, follow me. I will make you fishers of men!" An incident that is actually familiar to many of us. But I think it's worth looking at a little more closely:

Goal of the week: to help teens get a long-term vision for living as a Christian in order to survive in a postmodern, de-Christianized environment

What are the names of the mountains in the Bible and what activities took place at/on them?

- Mountain of longing- Mountain of silence- Mountain of salvation- Mountain of prayer- Mountain of preaching- Mountain of decision

No ideas for the silent time booklet (SZH) at camp? Maybe these two examples on the topic of "Petrus" will inspire you.

An input on the 9th commandment, "Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor." Three different movie scenes from "The Hurricane" with Denzel Washington are shown and a parallel is drawn to the similar case of Jesus. The focus will be on the false testimony and what it caused. The participants should become aware of the effects a false statement can have and they should be sensitized for this topic

In our youth group we first played a game in which one of the youth was wrongly accused of throwing a stone at a leader during an integrated water fight. A whole trial was staged with judge, jury, prosecutor, false witnesses, with some of the participants being part of the jury. Much like the movie "Hurricane."

Of course, you should know the story and plot for input. Watching the movie beforehand can't hurt ;).

It is gratifying that singing Christian songs takes up a large part of our camps. But why is this important and what conditions must be fulfilled so that singing can succeed?

A semester program of 7 devotions and activities based on the story 'The Schlunz' by Harry Voss.

Everybody loves to get a present, a beautiful bike, colouringpencils, a doll, etc. God gave us the most beautiful gift... ...His only Son, Jesus Christ.

Semester program of 6 devotions on the life of Queen Esther.