City game for the 1st commanedement

Submitted by Biber on Sat, 20.03.2021 - 20:29

A game to reinforce the 1st commandment.

Two groups must expand their territory with "gods". The group with the most points wins.

At the start, two leaders argue, which is the better god.

Game: Two groups have to expand their territory with as many WC-Rölleli gods as possible.

The WC-Rölleli can be designed as you like.
Spray paint with different colors, a golden one for more points.
Stick wiggle eyes on it. The face (nose and mouth) can paint the groups themselves A slip of paper draufkleben where it says: "I'm called", there dei group can name each.
Close the bottom of the Rölleli and put a stone in it, so that they do not wind from it.
Besides, they can be filled with evangelistic tracts, which passers-by may take out. A corresponding text gives the hint.

Depending on the group and the size of the field, there are more or less WC-Rölleli.

1.    Distribute gods in your own area. Take photo of each god set up and someone from the group who is all over it and post in chat.
    a.  must be visible from a path
    b.  not onto private property
2.    Find the enemy gods in their territory and then distribute them in your own territory. (Take photo and post in chat)
3.    If you manage to take a picture of the enemy group you get extra points.
4.    For a selfie with a passerby and a god you get extra points (observe Corona measures)

For each god that ends up in their own territory:
-    Gold God                    5 points
-    Normal-God                   3 points
-    Photo of the opposing group          2 points
-    Selfie with a passerby + a god       4 points

After that, there is input on the 1st commandment: thou shalt have no other gods beside me.

(Photos of WC-Rölleli to follow)

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