The battle of baloney 1 and baloney 2

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The residents of baloney 1 tried to sneak across the heavily guarded border and recapture the money that was stolen during the many years from the bank in baloney 2. The inhabitants of baloney 2 try the same at the bank of baloney 1.

The prehistory
Two different quarters of FRii-TOWN, capital of the Republic of FRii-DOMM, had been fighting each other for years. Therefore, the police established a border between the two quarters baloney 1 and baloney 2. However, under difficult conditions, the fight between the two parties continued. The inhabitants of baloney 1 now tried to sneak across the strictly guarded border and to recover the money stolen during the many years from the bank in baloney 2. The same the inhabitants of baloney 2 try at the bank of baloney 1.

Game sketch

The gameplay
The inhabitants of one neighborhood (players) try to sneak across the border and break into the bank in the other neighborhood. The money they capture in the process, they bring back to their bank. Important: they should not be seen by the guards when crossing the border, otherwise they will get a penalty point for their quarters. In the whole area there is a "ribbon fight", which means that they have to try to pull out each other's tails (made of newspaper, tucked into the back of their pants). After a fight, the winner can decide what should happen: Either he can put the loser in "jail" or he can go to "freedom" himself.

"Freedom" means: after showing the newspaper tail he has torn out of the other, he can enter the bank unhindered with a flag at the opponent.

The game lasts until a bank is completely robbed (the captured money goes into a special account that cannot be robbed again by the other group) or is stopped after a certain time. All the money captured by a quarter is evaluated. The border crossings detected by the guards are counted.

  • Border: There are always three to four border guards (ladder) walking up and down on the border (forest path). They always have a pencil and a paper with them. When they see a player crossing the border, they make a note of a point by the quarter to which that player belongs. Players who are near the border may not be counted, only those seen directly on the border. However, the border guards do not try to capture the players. They look only in one direction and cannot see a player crossing the border behind them. The guards can identify players by their colored headband.
  • Jail: Whoever comes to the jail must wait there for five minutes. In addition, he must hand over his loot from the bank, if any.
  • Freedom: Whoever comes to freedom may freely enter the enemy's quarters and bank with the FRii-DOMM flag, without being stopped in any way by anyone. When going back, he must return the flag at the border.
  • Bank baloney 1 and bank baloney 2: An area fenced in with marker tape representing the bank. The bank is defended by the quarters inhabitants against the intruders. If an intruder can fight his way into the bank, he gets a coin.
  • Leaders: 1 jail, 1 liberty station, 3 border guards, 2 banks; baloney 1/baloney 2

The material list

  • Marker tape
  • Watch (Prison)
  • Flag and flagpole
  • Paper and pencil 3x
  • Newspaper strips
  • colored headbands (e.g. colored/dyed pads)
  • Money pieces, two different colors (e.g. wooden rondos)

Source reference

    Cover photo: courtesy of - Game Ideas for the Jungschar!
   Game idea: Courtesy of - Game Ideas for the Jungschar!

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