Spice Box

Submitted by rebtschgi on Tue, 22.03.2016 - 11:31

Are you taking home 3 cans of pepper and salt again after every camp?

Do you re-buy all your spices before each camp - and then find more somewhere?

Spices have a long shelf life and can therefore be used again in the next Pfila

What you'll need

  • A crate (plastic has also worked well in rainy camps)
  • spices

What you need to do

  • buy spices before camp
  • sort them into the box and give them to the camp kitchen
  • then close the individual tins and jars well and store the crate in the materials room (cool, dark and dry)
  • Before the next storage, look through the crate and check the shelf life / condition

Now you just need to add the spices and replace the empty jars


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