What is the YoungstarsWiki.org?

The "YoungstarsWiki.org" is an independent project that aims to support the international Youngstars work.

The term "Youngstars" includes all kinds of children and youth work. So for example Jungschar, KidsTreff, Teeniearbeit, sports (floorball, football, ...), etc

The way is based on the structure of a wiki. I.e. the project is led by a team, but the content is dependent on the participants themselves.

The more who participate in this wiki, the more extensive the Youngstars Know-How will be.

Target audience

Youngstars leaders who want to share and/or learn Youngstars Know-How. These are individuals who are hands-on and have no/not very much programming knowledge.


The "YoungstarsWiki.org" is intended to be an internet platform where international Youngstars leaders can share their know-how.

YoungstarsWiki.org Flyer

Would you like to distribute the YoungstarsWiki.org flyer or translate it into another language? Then contact Anja Fritz, president of YoungstarsWiki.org, info [at] youngstarswiki.org (info[at]youngstarswiki[dot]org).

Here you can open and download the YoungstarsWiki.org flyer as a PDF.