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We have conducted a pirate camp in the Cevi in 2022. Led by the pirate legend Anne Bonny, who with us restored a ship and then went on a treasure hunt.

In a PowerPoint presentation, the wonderful story of God's love through His Son Jesus Christ, can be followed.

The classic game Cards against Humanity with its black humor is available in all possible variants. Now also in the Jungschar variant and something more suitable for children.

Silent time / devotional booklet on the camp theme Noah.
It has a devotional for each camp day for in the small group, one for the older (about 5th grade up) and one for the younger (kindergarten and up) including leader booklet.

We did a Viking camp in 2020 where the kids were divided into 4 groups and they did something different every day

Short instructions for setting up a carousel in pioneering work.

A devotional concept for a semester of 8 devotions.

It deals with various parables from the Bible, which may not yet be known by all children.

Wax seals add a beautiful detail to boys' name baptismal certificates, letters and scrolls that impress. The engraving can be related to the camp-, semester- or even afternoon-theme or can generally fit your group.

Quite simply, the azimuth is the angular deviation between the north direction and a sought direction in the specified/required unit usually ° (degrees). 

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