Competitive games

A night game for at least 12 (optimally 20) 8-12 year olds where participants need to pay close attention and where a fun mix of action and tactics is created that experience shows is really fun for kids and leaders.


  • Age group 7 to 14 years
  • In equal place
  • At least 3 supervisors
  • About 30 min.

4 varied posts for Ameisli.

  • Water for Ahab
  • Ravens as food suppliers
  • Boredom at the stream crit
  • Shelter for Elijah

Each post relates to the story of Elijah at the brook Krit.

Best done in the woods.

    4 items on the topic of "feet" (e.g. suitable for the semester program "body parts")

    • Water transport with socks
    • Stone transport on feet
    • Pedalo ride
    • Shoe salad

    The children can score points at each post. At the end one group wins.

    Suitable for ants.

    - Number of players- 30

    - Leaders - 8+1 to lead the game

    - Age group- 9-12

    - Terrain- field

    Viking Olympics

    In the document below you will find a fun and entertaining sports block - a real Viking Olympics.
    Have fun trying it out and customizing it:) 

    On various topics, costume contests can be made with the children. The disguises are made from everyday materials such as newspaper and tape.

    Possible themes: Kings (e.g., on the story of David, Solomon).

    The aim of the Technik-Sternli is to teach children age-appropriate Jungschart techniques. A signature run is a good opportunity to apply the content of the Orientation Zack at the Jungschi level.

    The aim of the Technik-Sternli is to teach children age-appropriate Jungschart techniques. Relays are ideal for regularly refreshing all technical areas.

    Cross golf gets golfers off the perfectly manicured lawn and into the heart of nature!

    A game for Ameisli

    This Bible quiz is very popular among teenagers. In a playful way they look for Bible passages and learn the Bible once in a special way.

    The game is similar to "Pelote Basque", but yet not - be surprised!

    A game with 5 dice

    Mikado game with "big" sticks

    A giant marble run is an afternoon activity that encourages creativity and collaboration.

    Play fitness training - group competition with self-invented fitness exercises

    For anniversary and inauguration celebrations, it's good to have sponsorship competitions.

    For once something completely different is an Olympiad that is performed blindfolded - a totally new experience!


    End of Year Celebration - Teen Club End of Year Party

    To welcome the new teens to the teen club we have a party!

    - Competitive game conducted as a feast to get to know each other

    - and as a conclusion there is a feast!

    Suspenseful competition and devotion on the theme of Psalms.

    Competition for 3 groups of teenagers with picture puzzles, pantomime, collages.

    The three cantons of Uri, Schwyz and Nidwalden each form a game group. The game is played according to the official rules (Swiss edition)

    At a family retreat, you can play AUTODORF-RALLEY for a change.

    Here you will find a tutorial on how to make a simple bubble device yourself. This can be used for competitions, as it is possible to make long bubble snakes (more than 1m long).

    Similar to tennis, yet incomparable!

    Water game with little effort - great success!

    - Introduce games - play

    - Conduct an entire tournament at the end of the game period


    Basic Idea/Objective:

    To learn about new sports with the teens and use them as spiritual comparisons in devotions.

    Goal of the game:

    - Extinguish torch from the other village
    - Cook food (zVieri/snack, dinner) - for this you have to keep the fire going

    125 Program Suggestions of Every Kind for Filled Young Share Afternoons

    Running with these füssen is not as easy as it looks at first glance. The Füsse are strapped into two leather loops and then a certain distance either against each other or in a certain time must be run. 

    Juggling with drainage, is a totally simple game with an insane fun factor. By moving back and forth, a tennis ball can be thrown into the air and then caught again with the other side.

    Two players face each other and play the ball to each other. The ball must be hit about in the middle of the fabric, when the ball comes the two timbers are pulled apart and the ball flies back.

    Make an orienteering course with the Bible. This article shows you how to make an orienteering event where the participants are led through different Bible passages to the next post. It's fun - let yourself be surprised...

    Perfect if you don't want to organize too much, but still want to have fun.

    A variation of British Bulldog.

    Fun variation on a well-known game.

    Very fun to do at a bonte evening or as a component for a hexathlon.
    Fits well into a program about the senses.

    A kind of rugby where not physical strength is needed but speed.


    Which group manages to get their flag out of their opponent's field and into their own? This is a movement-intensive terrain game that needs almost no preparation.

    This terrain game is usually played in larger cities. With the help of sporadic clues to the whereabouts of the unknown "Mister X", he is pursued by several groups with the aim of identifying and capturing him. The game is based on the board game "Scotland Yard"

    The ladder game in large format works similar to the normal one. 

    In this game players play in groups. These groups get the task to take pictures of certain objects and/or certain constellations. To solve this task, they have to find the given motives and partially need to ask by-passers for help.