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This category concerns administrative tasks and leadership arenas. It adresses themes such as working with parents, promotion of the project, materials and organisation.

Игри и Спорт

This category concerns the subject matter of sports and games. Here you can find information about the theoretical fundamentals such as the methods used or the tasks of the person in charge, as well as...

Outdoor- на открито

This category is very extensive which encompasses everything from orientation to nature, especially trekking, first aid, and handling basic equipment. As it's exactly in this category that most accidents...

Evangelism- Благовестие

This category is all about the heart of our ministry: the bible. It concerns everything from biblical basics to devotional techniques and spiritual concepts for camps.

Creativity- Творчество

Anything that can be brought under the heading 'creative' is summarized here: ideas for all kinds of crafts as well as music and theater. Besides individual ideas, entire projects such as musical or theater...

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